In particular for the banking and insurance sectors, DATABIZ holds within it all the expertise and experience needed to help their customers.


We realize and accept no operationally customized business solutions using the most valid methods of organizational consulting, and process development, without losing sight of the innovative aspects. • Some areas of advice:


The entry into force of Legislative Decree imposes 231/2001 Financial intermediaries referred to in Article 11 specific obligations in terms of customer due diligence, record AUI and reporting of suspicious transactions.

The Anti-Money Laundering Consultant guide the company in the process of retrofitting, streamlining management processes of the AUI and assisting the company with regulatory support and training on money laundering.


  • Mapping of processes in order to streamline and preparation of regulatory and operational reference
  • Analysis and process efficiency
  • Performance Measurement process


  • Monitor the level of service provided by the operating structures to the network or to other companies within the Group
  • Support in the definition of KPIs to enable the monitoring and measurement of service levels


  • Analysis and process efficiency
  • GAP analysis of product and process
  • Support to the definition of active media (shadowing) and expense (temporary regulations, guidance, and change)



The software testing is a process used to verify the developed software meets the initial specifications to detect errors and to develop the necessary corrections.

Defined and shared with the client a test plan based on the analysis of the functional requirements, you run some test case in the software and assesses whether the conduct meets the requirements.
The ultimate goal is to reduce the risk of commissioning of applications that are not properly functioning (core business, middleware, patch, etc.).

The service offers the following DATABIZ plus:

  • Reliability testing of the release thanks to accurate? Consistent and on the whole spectrum of functionality
    objective assurance of compliance with the requirements expressed and functional performance characteristics provided
  • Support and discussion with the development team to manage the accurate and timely? Anomalies
  • Using automation methods to make? Faster and more efficient stages of preparation, reporting and rework test
  • Qualified staff, deep and practical understanding of both banking
    reusability of test case