The increase COMPLEXITY 'products, services and processes, the significant decrease in time to market and margins and the growing need for STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT, overview and functional projects are Project Management a necessary tool for business development .


The selection of Project Management DATABIZ is divided into the following parts:

  1. Individual projects
  2. Programs of projects
  3. Portfolios of projects
  4. Project management maturity model
  5. PMO and project management training
  6. Development of project management tools

The structure and role of a PMO depend on the needs of the organization in which it operates: any organization which aims at efficient management of project activities evolve progressively.

The selection of project management delivered by DATABIZ is developed taking into account the level of maturity reached by the client company and its specific business.

The PMO provided by DATABIZ is a

PMO strategic management deals Programs and Projects Portfolio (and Portfolio Management Maturity Model).

PMO Operating designed to directly support the customer by acting on:

  1. Processes (planning, monitoring, and control, execution);
  2. Training;
  3. Tools.


The skills DATABIZ are
characterized by:


Solid mastery of hard and soft project management and the use of the most popular tools of Project Management;


Ability to involvement in the operational resources of the customer team with the aim to set up a PMO, or to mature and develop a PMO exists;


Generation of the project schedule with traditional market tools (Microsoft Project) and “agile” (Jira, RallyDev, VersionOne);


Adoption of innovative techniques in the analysis of project risks, which provide a comprehensive analysis of the impact of risks on the project plan, outperforming the traditional approach based on the census and qualification / quantification of the impacts of the individual project risks;


Capacity development / customization of project management tools, dashboards and reports developed / customized ad-hoc to ensure an effective and efficient control of the project;


Using automatic techniques for the collection, processing and archiving of project data resulting in increased operational efficiencies and reduction of risks related to the quality and integrity of the data;


Focusing on the analysis of the phenomena and quantitative detected; proactive support to the identification of the causes underlying the phenomena
found, the identification of potential problems and possible countermeasures preventive and / or corrective actions;


Methodological approach based on standards and best practices internationally recognized (Certification PMP – Project Management Professional and planning skills Agile);


Ability to grasp the peculiarities of the project and to adopt a project management commensurate with actual needs
design (tailoring).